We are the horsemen from the steppe land

come ahead to find the way

We are the Scots in kilt and armor

come ahead to save the day

We are the nock in the arrow

the sword at the hilt

We feed by our loving

and we learn from our guilt

Melting pot or mosaic

We are simply one apart

Living our illusions

Leading from the heart

Trying to find the answers

to questions not quite formed

But essential to the matter

of living life adorned

With a fine respect for all of life

to form a future without strife

We’re born again

and again

and again

We’re the mothers of the new world

begging let our children live

We’re the witches on our byres

trying to forgive

the people crowded round our fires

consigning us to hell

hard to buy we’re one with them

It’s hard to wish  them well

But there really is no you and me

We’re one and the same

and what we’re doing here on earth

is playing a game

And after death we laugh about

how we played our part

Good and bad are reference points

measured by the heart

And everything makes perfect sense

when looked at from above

Where hunger pain and fear

are reference points for love 

For how can we know ‘is’

if we don’t know ‘is not’

Polarity defines the game

and the players have forgot

who they are

why they came

or that there even is a game

that all lines form circles

and time is not straight

Infinity comes looping back

in a figure eight

We are the washwomen in the river

Caring for our men

We are the soldiers in the trenches

guarding freedom

We are the warriors in the new age

holding high our swords

No longer made of naked steel

But in the ethers forged

Anchored in the wounded earth

Bound to sky through flesh

the warriors take their points of light

and weave a solid mesh

Earth to Sky

heart to heart

peace on earth at last

Light spreading exponentially

Change coming fast

Bind east to west

earth to fire

below to above

Know everything that’s here on earth

Was conceived in perfect love

Janet Romain